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org::mozilla::javascript::TokenStream Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class implements the JavaScript scanner.

It is based on the C source files jsscan.c and jsscan.h in the jsref package.

See also:
Mike McCabe

Brendan Eich

Definition at line 61 of file TokenStream.java.

Package Functions

final boolean eof ()
int getFirstXMLToken () throws IOException
final String getLine ()
final int getLineno ()
int getNextXMLToken () throws IOException
final double getNumber ()
final int getOffset ()
final String getString ()
final int getToken () throws IOException
boolean isXMLAttribute ()
void readRegExp (int startToken) throws IOException
 TokenStream (Parser parser, Reader sourceReader, String sourceString, int lineno)
String tokenToString (int token)

Static Package Functions

static boolean isDigit (int c)
static boolean isJSSpace (int c)
static boolean isKeyword (String s)

Package Attributes

String regExpFlags

Private Member Functions

void addToString (int c)
boolean fillSourceBuffer () throws IOException
int getChar () throws IOException
int getCharIgnoreLineEnd () throws IOException
String getStringFromBuffer ()
boolean matchChar (int test) throws IOException
int peekChar () throws IOException
boolean readCDATA () throws IOException
boolean readEntity () throws IOException
boolean readPI () throws IOException
boolean readQuotedString (int quote) throws IOException
boolean readXmlComment () throws IOException
void skipLine () throws IOException
void ungetChar (int c)
void ungetCharIgnoreLineEnd (int c)

Static Private Member Functions

static boolean isAlpha (int c)
static boolean isJSFormatChar (int c)
static int stringToKeyword (String name)

Private Attributes

ObjToIntMap allStrings = new ObjToIntMap(50)
boolean dirtyLine
boolean hitEOF = false
int lineEndChar = -1
int lineno
int lineStart = 0
double number
Parser parser
char[] sourceBuffer
int sourceCursor
int sourceEnd
Reader sourceReader
String sourceString
String string = ""
char[] stringBuffer = new char[128]
int stringBufferTop
final int[] ungetBuffer = new int[3]
int ungetCursor
boolean xmlIsAttribute
boolean xmlIsTagContent
int xmlOpenTagsCount

Static Private Attributes

static final int EOF_CHAR = -1

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