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com::yahoo::platform::yui::compressor::JavaScriptIdentifier Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::yahoo::platform::yui::compressor::JavaScriptIdentifier:

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Detailed Description

JavaScriptIdentifier represents a variable/function identifier.

Definition at line 16 of file JavaScriptIdentifier.java.

Package Functions

ScriptOrFnScope getDeclaredScope ()
String getMungedValue ()
int getRefcount ()
int getType ()
String getValue ()
void incrementRefcount ()
boolean isMarkedForMunging ()
 JavaScriptIdentifier (String value, ScriptOrFnScope declaredScope)
void preventMunging ()
void setMungedValue (String value)

Private Attributes

ScriptOrFnScope declaredScope
boolean markedForMunging = true
String mungedValue
int refcount = 0

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